Happy Holidays from all of us at Yumcha Studios!

2014 was both a quiet and a busy year for us.

As many of you know, Dim Sum Warriors Vol. 3 got delayed till 2015 – but it’s definitely progressing!

In the meantime, we tried our hand at some handmade merchandising, ranging from pillows to pendants, and of course, our ever-popular t-shirts, which we debuted at the 2014 Brooklyn Book Festival and New York Comic Con (You can check out more photos of all our events at our Facebook page).


We were really thrilled by the response, and will definitely be experimenting with more!

You can buy all the items at our new online store:

The Dim Sum Warriors online store

Besides BBF and NYCC, we also participated at other events, like the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington; the Kids Love Comics Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the Singapore International Translation Symposium; Singapore’s Speak Mandarin Campaign; the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Museum of Chinese in America; and the inaugural Singapore Writers Festival, right here in New York City. It was really wonderful meeting our readers and making new friends!

While not on the road promoting Dim Sum Warriors, we’ve also been preparing for a big change: Colin will be taking over the pencilling for the series (which he’s always wanted to do).

But he’s been busy all year completing some other projects:

He wrote his very first published prose short story, in Singapore Noir (2014, Akashic Books)


He scripted a short story illustrated by our very own Soo Lee, that was published in Vol. 3 of Image Comics’ Liquid City anthology:

Liquid City Vol 3 p6

He wrote and illustrated a short story for Schwa Fire, the critically-acclaimed journal on language:


But now that those are out of the way, he’s knuckling down to focus on our palatable pugilists. Here’s a sneak peek at his layouts for the very first page:

Meanwhile, both Colin and Yen Yen have been working hard on getting Dim Sum Warriors the Stage Musical off the ground! Yes, it’s for real! Some of you may know that Colin is also a playwright, whose work has even been performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London, so this isn’t as much of a stretch as it seems. We’ve assembled a fabulously talented team in New York City, the home of American theatre, and we recently held our very first script read-through up at our alma mater, Columbia University. It’s a small step along a long and challenge-filled road, but hey, we’re no strangers to that! Stay tuned for more news as this develops:

We’ve also been planning several other new projects whose details we can’t reveal just yet, but rest assured they will be nothing less than butt-kickingly awesome!

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Or, if you happen to be in our adopted hometown of Flushing in New York City’s borough of Queens, you can come and practice yoga at Yumcha Yoga, the boutique yoga studio that we also run:

Yumcha Yoga: 33-59 Farrington St, 2nd Floor, Flushing, NY 11354. http://www.yumchayoga.com

Yumcha Yoga: 33-59 Farrington St, 2nd Floor, Flushing, NY 11354.

So thanks for putting up with our little publishing hold-up. As you can see, it’s not as if we’ve been idle!  And we promise 2015 will be our most interesting year yet…


May you and your loved ones have a wonderful new year!

Colin, Yen Yen and Yakuza Baby