Praise for Dim Sum Warriors

  • “I can personally say that it was a delight to read, with a cliffhanger ending that left me yearning for more.” – Stergios Botzakis, Graphic Novel Resources

  • “Sodding brilliant!” – Chris Claremont, legendary writer, Uncanny X-Men

  • “The best Sino-American mashup since the fortune cookie!” – Matthew Polly, national bestselling author, American Shaolin and Tapped Out

  • “What a great app! My kids and I loved tapping the interactive word balloons and switching back and forth between the languages!” – Gene Luen Yang, National Book Award nominee & Eisner Award-winning writer, American Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints, Level up and Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise
  • “… it’s hilarious….The creativity and ingenuity of Dim Sum Warriors is matched only by its market potential. It not only has the usual entertainment reach of a kid-oriented manga title, it has built-in value for parents and educators around the world, particularly overseas Chinese in English-speaking countries who want their kids to benefit from mastering the world’s two most widely-spoken languages.” Rob Salkowitz, Futurist, Business Analyst, Author, Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, Young World Rising
  • “Dim Sum Warriors is an outstanding application of digital technology, as an artform and a teaching tool.” Ana Visneski, Flip the Media: At the Crossroads of Media, Culture, and Technology
  • “The satirical humor carries over in Dim Sum Warriors, with punning chapter titles like “You win some, you dim sum” and parodies of steroids like “InnerStrength,” a health elixir and energy drink that makes the warriors in Colonel Quickynoodle’s Fried Kung Academy look like body builders. The name Quickynoodle itself is a comment on instant ramen and genetically engineered foods.” – Olivia Waxman, “New York Comic Con: Dim Sum Warriors iPad Comic GIves a Taste of Chinese Culture“, Time Magazine’s Techland
  • “This bilingual English-Mandarin digital manga is that rarest of creative triumphs: an educational comic that’s actually fun to read. Developed as an iPad app to teach language skills to kids (co-creator Yen Yen Woo is a professor of education at Long Island University), Dim Sum Warriors puts story and characters first, while maximizing the interactive potential of the iPad as a learning platform.” – “The 10 Coolest Original Comics of 2012”, Fast Company
  • “With Lee’s delightful illustrations and Goh and Woo’s engaging narrative, the characters could have been ingredients in a Waldorf salad and still been interesting.”
    – Publishers Weekly, “Dim Sum Warriors Vol. 1: Enter the Dumpling”