Enhance your language-learning experience with our new bilingual vocabulary lists!

Hey, teachers, parents and language learners! In response to reader requests, we’ve created a resource to enhance the educational value of our app and comic – free downloadable word lists to help you improve your Chinese and English vocabulary!

We’re starting with Dim Sum Warriors Issue 1, with the other issues to follow.

  • You can download the word list in PDF or as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • You can download the whole word list or just the Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced Level list.
  • The words are listed in the sequence they appear on each page of the comic. You can refer to the bilingual comic on your iPad or the English-only print comic or eComic.

Here are the links:

Download the word list and use it together with:

  • the Dim Sum Warriors interactive bilingual (English-Chinese) app from the App Store for your iPad or
  • use it together with the Dim Sum Warriors (English-only) print book that you can buy from Amazon USA or from major book stores like Kinokuniya and Books Actually if you’re in Singapore. The (English-only) eComic is also available on iBooks and Kindle.

How you can use the word lists:

  • You can chose the relevant words for pre-reading where you introduce the vocabulary, use the list to activate prior knowledge and to predict how they might be used.
  • For post-reading, you can cut and paste the relevant words for worked examples; mix up the sequence of the words and create simple quizzes where students match the pronunciation to the characters or match the English and Chinese words; highlight the words for learners to use as they write journals or diaries from the perspective of the characters; or use the words to role-play the characters in the story.
  • For individual study, just print out the PDF word lists and review at your convenience. When you return to reading the comic, see if you can read it in the target language without help from the translation boxes (if you’re using the iPad app).

Email yenyen@dimsumwarriors.com to let us know what you think of these word lists!

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