Dear friends,

We need your help with our Kickstarter campaign to bring Prince Roastpork Bao and all the wacky characters of our critically-acclaimed iPad comic app Dim Sum Warriors onto the printed page!


Our Dim Sum Warriors iPad comic app and its interactive features that support the learning of Mandarin and English has been getting all sorts of high profile mentions in places like, Publishers Weekly, Time magazine and the New York Times. We’ve even been getting praise from luminaries like:

    • “Sodding brilliant!” – Chris Claremont, legendary writer of the Uncanny X-Men
    • “What a great app! My kids and I loved tapping the interactive word balloons and switching back and forth between the languages!” – Gene Luen Yang, National Book Award nominee and Eisner Award-winning writer, American Born Chinese
    • “…it’s hilarious… It not only has the usual entertainment reach of a kid-oriented manga title, it has built-in value for parents and educators around the world.” – Rob Salkowitz, author, Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture
    • “Dim Sum Warriors is an outstanding application of digital technology, as an artform and a teaching tool.” – Ana Visneski, blogger, At the Crossroads of Media, Culture, and Technology
    • “With Lee’s delightful illustrations and Goh and Woo’s engaging narrative, the characters could have been ingredients in a Waldorf salad and still been interesting.”Publishers Weekly

But every time we’ve shown off the app, someone always asks if we’re going to have it in print. And you know what? Even though we love the convenience of digital editions, we also know that there’s something deeply, deeply satisfying about sitting in a comfy chair and touching actual paper pages, not to mention gazing at it as a beautiful, independent work of art on the bookshelf.  And we’d really love to introduce Dim Sum Warriors to everyone, not just those who can afford an iPad!

So we want to publish episodes 1 to 6 of Dim Sum Warriors in one high-quality 144-page, full-color printed volume.

Which is why we’re asking for your help. We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise US$8,000 to print Dim Sum Warriors Volume 1 – Enter the Dumpling.

Dim Sum Warriors is such a personal project that we want to be able to have a real say in how it’s produced and distributed. Sure, we could find funding or publishers in the usual way, but it’s much more fun and meaningful to connect directly with friends and folks who’ve been following our work, and reward them for participating.

If you could chip in, we actually have a host of super-special rewards exclusively for our backers – ranging from limited edition prints to special signed-and-numbered companion booklets and even a chance to learn firsthand how we’re navigating the brave new world of multi-platform publishing!

And to encourage you to support our cause, for ONLY the 21 days of our Kickstarter campaign (starting TODAY Oct 29th and ending Nov 18th) we’re giving away:

  • every single episode of our interactive bilingual iPad app FREE! ((Please note: free issues will stay in your iPad as long as you don’t delete the app. The in-app purchase system will not allow you to restore free downloads once deleted or on another device.)  Click here to go to App Store now
  • the iBook edition of Dim Sum Warriors Volume 1 FREE! (Please note: this works on iBooks on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.) To download, go to iBooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and look for Dim Sum Warriors.
  • the Kindle edition of Dim Sum Warriors Volume 1 FREE! (Please note: this works on all Kindle platforms, including the Kindle App on the iPad and iPhone, but not the Kindle Desktop reader. This is a limitation of Amazon’s.) Click here to download the Kindle edition now

***RECOMMENDATION: If you’re reading on a small device such as the iPhone or iPod Touch, we recommend that you download the iBooks version rather than the Kindle version, due to certain technical limitations of the Kindle app.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy Dim Sum Warriors and really hope you’ll support us. Check out our Kickstarter video and all the details by clicking on the pic below or going to: