Dim Sum Warriors

“Dim Sum Warriors Volume 1: Enter the Dumpling” is currently available on the App Store, Kindle, iBooks, Graphicly.com and soon, on Nook and Kobo.

What happens when you mix delicious Chinese delicacies (点心 dim sum, or dianxin) with sensational Chinese martial arts adventures (武侠 wuxia)? You get the 点心侠 (dian xin xia) or Dim Sum Warriors, of course!


The Dim Sum Warriors have defended the Xiaochi Empire for generations and the very mention of their name makes their enemies quiver like silken tofu! But something sinister is brewing in the peaceful kingdom that will soon pit the four Dim Sum Warrior clans  – the Fried Kung Academy, the Boiled Kung Temple, the Baked Kung Sisterhood and the School of Steam Kung- against each other.

Will even their legendary skill and bravery be able to overcome the forces of intrigue and suspicion, and a shadowy enemy whose tentacles are everywhere? The fate of the Empire may well rest in the hands of a group of young fighters – but they have so much to learn, and so little time to learn it…



In Issue #1 (Available Now in the App Store), “Enter the Dumpling”

Crown Prince Roastpork “Porky”  Bao has run away – yet again – from his cushy yet stifling existence at the Imperial Palace.  While exploring the city in disguise, he becomes embroiled in a spat with two market peddlers, Xiajiao and Shaomai, an incident which will soon bring the three of them on a collision course with the Empire’s most elite Dim Sum Warrior team…







In Issue #2 (Available Now in the App Store), “Feast of Fury”

Is that pudgy young fellow really Prince Roastpork Bao? What’s the heir to the throne doing wondering around the street market in disguise? Why have the Fried Kung Academy been called in to intervene? The plot thickens even further when the Imperial Palace hosts the mother of all parties – the Empress’ birthday bash!

Issue #2 Cover: The Fried Kung Academy – Master Taro Ball and his students, Spring Roll, Chilli Pepper, Potsticker.








In Issue #3 (Available Now in the App Store), “H’otp’ot Hijack”

H’otp’ot terrorists have crashed Empress Custard Bao’s birthday party and taken everyone hostage. As the drama unfolds, however, Prince Porky Bao realizes that the attack is not what it appears to be and more complex forces are at play. The trouble is, no one believes him …

Issue #3 Cover: Prince Roastpork Bao together with Master Phoenix Claw and his disciplines, Xiajiao and Shaomai.








In Issue #4 (Available Now in the App Store), “The Riddle of the Noodle”

Colonel Quickynoodle has rocketed into the Emperor’s good graces after having defeated the H’otp’ot terrorists and rescued Prince Porky Bao. But Porky knows the dashing Colonel isn’t the hero he appears to be. The trouble is, no one is willing to listen to Porky’s doubts, and this may cost Xiajiao and Shaomai their lives…

Issue #4 Cover: Evil Quickynoodle, with Lady Mango Pudding and Prince Roastpork Bao in the background.


Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠 is now available as a free App in the App Store. Issues #1 and #2 are free to download on the iPad. Dim Sum Warriors will be coming to print and Kindle real soon!

Single issues are now available for purchase!