Yumcha Studios

Yumcha Studios LLC tells stories that cross cultural borders through a variety of media, from digital to print to film and whatever comes next.

Fittingly based in the bustling Chinese district of Flushing in New York City’s borough of Queens (and home of the best Asian eats on America’s East Coast), Yumcha Studios wants to share with its readers tales that reflect the rapidly changing face of Asia and its diaspora. Our inaugural trio of titles – Dim Sum Warriors, The Kung Fu Guide to Romance and the upcoming Stir-Fried Detective – reflects the founders’ love for food, kung fu and kung fu-fighting food.


Drawing on the founders‘ experience in the fields of comics, filmmaking, interactive content and education, Yumcha Studios’ Dim Sum Warriors interactive bilingual app is also an ambitious attempt to help readers learn both English and Mandarin in a way that is innovative, effective and fun.


For more information, please email us at info@dimsumwarriors.com