Photograph by Soon Chung Lim

Yumcha Studios Team

Creators & Writers: Colin Goh & Yen Yen Woo

Pencil & Ink Artwork (Dim Sum Warriors): Soo Lee

Colors (Dim Sum Warriors): Lauren Baker

Pencil & Ink Artwork (Kung Fu Guide to Romance): Kevin Hsi

Thumbnails & Letters: Colin Goh

Interaction & Instructional Design: Yen Yen Woo

Chinese Translation: Chee Keng Lee

Graphics & UI Design: Rory Myers

Chief Technology Officer: Ray Wee

English Voiceover: Michelle Chai

Mandarin Voiceover: Shanshan Wang

Art Assistant: James Flores

Web Programming: Min Min Zhang (Envision MT)

Initial Character Design: Mag Tan

Martial Arts Consultant: Suo Liu

App Development: TWP Digital

And our very own moocher: Liz Kim